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Founded on principles and values.

I entered the golf industry in 2013, after graduating from Syracuse University with a bachelors from the Whitman School of Management. 

 After leaving a position at a large online retailer in 2015, I founded Sick Sticks Golf.  Starting with nothing, my founding partner and I grew Sick Sticks into one of the most popular golf custom shops in the world.  During my time at Sick Sticks, I was blessed to work with extremely high profile individuals, including prominent actors, and athletes from every major US sports league.  

I left the company in February 2018, selling 100% of my shares..I started Corey Paul Functional Art on May 3rd, 2018, as a means of expressing my original ideas. I have been an avid golfer my entire life, and my 8+ years of professional experience in the industry have given me a unique creative perspective.Follow along on our journey, as my team and I push the boundaries of design and value.​

-Corey Paul